I finally got the small dog I have always wanted... The Papillon. My mom and I fell in love with this quick-witted little breed on a visit to my cousin's house in Florida, many years ago. Her little girl captured our hearts, and now some 15 years later, we each have our own! It was quite a different experience to get used to, having a dog around that is smaller than my cat, but Zu and Scooter are keepers!

Scooter (owned by my mother) is pictured at 6 months. He LOVES to run so the pictures were taken after he was tired out! He is a spunky, affectionate little guy with floppy ears!

ZuZu is just shy of a year. She has a quiet and sweet temperament. She loves to get attention from anyone she meets, and she loves to play ball.

About the Papillon Papillon means "butterfly" in French. They were so named because of their large butterfly-like ears. They are a dainty, but sturdy little dog, weighing around 8 pounds. They may be no more than 11 inches at the withers. They are a happy, non-aggressive, and playful breed. 

~*~*~ Papillon pups born 11/21/10.  AKC Champion father. ~*~*~ 


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