Champion Kyouji's You've Got A Friend, better known as Tomo...  Summer of 2003 I was looking to add a second Akita to my family. I came across Andrea's site and fell in love with her beautiful pups.  I loved that the mom of the pups had her CGC since temperament was very important to me and that the sire was one of the top Akitas in the country at the time. A few weeks later I drove to Ohio to pick up my new baby.  At the time I did not know but Tomo would later become my first show dog and my first AKC Champion who was always owner handled by myself a total novice!  Something else I did not know is that Andrea would become such a great long time friend to me.  Tomo is now seven years old, she is a beautiful, healthy girl with an amazing temperament.  I am so lucky to have her and I am sure the day will come that I add another Kyouji Akita to my family!

UPDATE to my previous post!  The day DID come and I had to add another Kyouji pup to my family.  I was so excited for the litter planned. The babies would be nieces/nephews to my Tomo who was 10 at the time and I loved what both parents were producing.  I had my eye on her since she was born and it worked out that she was my new baby!  "Katniss" is a ball of energy, always keeping me on my toes and making everyone laugh with her antics! You never know what this girl will do next!  She is AKC Pointed and will be showing again in 2015! Thank you to my dear friend Andrea for another amazing pup!  We love you!

Well, Koda is 28 months old now and is a perfect, wonderful, watchful, protective, loving and lovable young man. He is still just as gorgeous as when I first saw him, and is the sweetest Akita ever! People often slow down or stop altogether when passing my yard whether in cars or walking, and sometimes actually come up to the door to inquire about him. I am soooo grateful to have found both you and him and recommend you to any and everyone who asks about a good and reputable breeder!!! Thanks so much for my precious boy!!!!

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